Amin Shakhawat

Dr. Amin Shakhawat

President, ESIA

Amin MD. Shakhawat, PhD

Staff Scientist

Neurobiology, Stanford Medicine

Stanford University

299 Campus Drive, Palo Alto

California, USA




Dr. Amin Shakhawat is a distinguished neuroscientist at Stanford University, where he brings his extensive expertise to the forefront of brain research. With a PhD in neuroscience from Canada and a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemistry, Dr. Shakhawat combines a robust scientific background with a commitment to innovation.

Before joining Stanford, he honed his skills at two of Bangladesh’s leading pharmaceutical companies, gaining invaluable experience. Currently, he consults for a biotech company in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he is involved in clinical trials for a promising Alzheimer's drug.

Dr. Shakhawat also shares his expertise as an instructor at Posit Science, educating senior citizens on brain plasticity and essential lifestyle choices for maintaining brain health. A passionate advocate for diversity and equity, he dedicates his efforts to advancing science and technology for the betterment of society.