Education, Science & Innovation Alliance (ESIA) is a North American based non-profit organization that fosters all aspects of education, science and innovation among disadvantaged population who are underserved and underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). It is a brainchild of enthusiastic scientists and dreamers across the globe, who aim to make the world more equitable by providing support and expertise where it is needed the most. Our philosophy and mission are that everyone deserves to get similar opportunities for STEM education and training irrespective of their social, age, disability, racial, and ethnic, religious, sexual identity, and orientation and economic status. Underrepresented people should get equal chances for education, science, and innovation to not only bring a positive change in their own life, but also in their community as a whole. ESIA’s leaders believe that engine of a modern society is Education, Science and Innovation. 



ESIA’s primary mission is to bring a sustainable positive change in disadvantaged community in many ways, and we foresee that our ways will evolve constantly depending on the demand and feedback from the community. One of ESIA’s initial goals is to improve the representation in the STEM field by encouraging students to participate in STEM higher education. Specifically, one of the initial ways ESIA will accomplish its mission is to expand our efforts to more directly help different STEM research and training programs in underdeveloped countries by providing, 1. Financial aids in the form of fellowships, 2. Research and equipment grants, 3. By facilitating  exchange of scientific expertise  through the creation of new MOUs, exchange programs and virtual learning platforms that can help bridge the gap in STEM education and training, and 3. by creating and promoting hands-on STEM competitions at the level of high-school students to get them involved in science and education at an early age. Our ultimate goal is to create a more equitable world by helping the younger generation now to create future leaders in the STEM field.

ESIA does not have any hidden political, racial, religious or any such divisive agenda. ESIA will bring together world class academic scientists, other successful industrial professionals, and volunteers under one common umbrella. This common foundation will then be used to share the life experience of accomplished scientists from disadvantaged population with aspiring young generation to not only show them what is possible, but also to help them achieve their goals by offering tools and expertise to overcome barriers.



Any donation from philanthropists and individuals will provide the much needed and necessary financial and logistical support to uphold the mission and vision of our organization.